We have an extensive range of trainers, coaches and facilitators that are committed to enriching their development skill in order to stay fresh, informed and creative. As constant learners we can support our clients with the appropriate techniques and tools, in the local language and on a global level. If you’d like to learn more about our network or discuss becoming an associate then contact us.

Other Services

Online Training - We have organized a wide range of key and up-to-date learning topics into accessible and stimulating 90’ Online Masterclasses that enable you to create an ‘à la carte’ selection from our masterclass menu. We also specialise in online Team Boosters, customised workshops and remote coaching.

Master of ceremonies - This role really makes the difference and ensures the audience is engaged, speakers shine and the tempo is just right. We have a network of experienced and charasmatic master of ceremonies specialists that make all the difference at such important events.

You on stage - Supporting you to give impactful and memorable presentations by blending storytelling, design skills, voacal coaching as well as helping you to keep your emotions in check. It's time for you to shine at your next conference seminar or meeting. We have a wealth of experience in coaching people to deliver TEDx quality performances by balancing the 3Vs of successful presenting as well as mastering both Gravitas and Levtias.

Consulting - Providing the needed expertise for developing solutions that support organizations, teams or small companies. We support clients to produce tangible results and bridge the gaps in training capabilities, knowledge and educational objectives. 

Train the trainer – If you are new to the world of coaching, training or facilitation, or in need of building on your experience, then we can advise, train and support you. Contact us to discuss mentoring and training opportunities.

Live Learning Solutions – Individual and collective learning for developing management skills, attitudes and behaviours Read More