Leadership development coaching.

Accompanying leaders to develop their leadership capabilities through one 2 one coaching partnerships.

The speed of the modern working world means demands can appear from all directions. Or maybe we face huge challenges for which we’ve had little preparation. Our daily workloads keep us so busy that we forget to develop ourselves, even though we know this is essential in making that step up to the next level or even just sustaining our current pace.

Coaching provides a safe yet challenging space that enables individuals to clarify objectives, explore new possibilities, stay focussed and become aware of new behavioural patterns.

We have an impressive track record of coaching high potential leaders, directors and senior executives in a wide variety of fields in both the private and public sector.

Coaching sessions can be attended in-person or online.Sessions last between 60 – 90 minutes, and are typically spaced at regular intervals over the course of six - 9 months to suit your schedule.

Our highly experienced and ICF qualified coaches will select the right tools and approaches to help meet your needs to achieve the agreed personal and organisational goals. 

If you have any questions about coaching, please get in touch for a free sample and meet the Live Learning coaching facilty.

Team coaching for high performance.

An aligned and inspirational leadership team defines your organisational culture and is key to both business success and role-modelling values, behaviours and ways of working.

We can provide you with a tailored solution or one of our powerful and proven team coaching progremmes such as Up A Gear or Team Advance.

Why is Coaching so valuable?

Coaching has been identified as being of enormous value and importance to most organisations. It recognises and supports growth and allows individuals to face up to reality, explore undiscovered potential and identify areas for development that may otherwise remain out of reach.

Leadership coaching

Working with leaders and managers to deliver change, support new behaviour, provide challenge, shape vision and improve communication.

Performance coaching

Tackling the issues that influence performance and supporting professionals to leverage results within the organization and team.

Career coaching

Enabling people to discover their strengths, reflect on options and provide the support for your next career step.

"This quality thinking would never be achieved in the same time scales without the support of my coach. He offers a safe but challenging environment adding warmth, energy and encouragement along the way. A truly inspirational coach who has offered me one of my most powerful learning experiences to date. You really have made a difference."

Tanya Moxon - Company Director

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