A process to support team potential

Our highly experienced facilitators make sure that your workshop, team event or meeting is successfully designed and run by nurturing cooperation and openness in order to leverage the true potential of your team. We will ensure everyone is involved, observe group dynamics, draw out thoughts and allow discussions to be constructive and solution driven.

Facilitation requires a 'coach-like’ posture that is underpinned with key development principles, skills and steps towards improving team work.

The Architect

People often wonder, what do facilitators really do? and what value do they add?

As effective facilitators we fulfill three roles when working with a group, Architect, Pilot and Guide.

In the planning stage we are like architects. We gather information and consult with the client to clarify the purpose and desired outcomes of the facilitation. Then, we propose a design that we think meets the group’s needs taking the form of a results based agenda. This is the blueprint when working with the group. Like any good structure, the agendas must be strong and considered, yet flexible in order to be adaptable to the emerging situation.

The Pilot

Once the agenda has been agreed with the client our role changes from Architect to Pilot.

As Pilots we prepare the room, organise materials, supplies and support those fulfilling crucial roles such as translators , note takers or sound technicians. We then explain our role, the agenda or ‘flight plan’ and clarify where the group is going on the ‘map’. When the journey begins, the facilitator as Pilot must be alert to changes in weather conditions reflected by changes in the group’s mood and energy levels. We must be ready to respond to any unexpected turbulence or interferece by making any in flight corrections as necessary. We maintain a neutral stance, listen and observe group dynamics and set the scene for fellow group members to voice opinions, draw out ideas and discuss constructively.

Finally we need to land the plane, bringing the group back to earth with a sense of closure, clarity and engagement after a safe and productive journey.

The Guide

The final role that needs to be understood is that of facilitator as Guide.

As Guides we will lead the group through unexplored territory while providing a calm, steady presence and capable of helping the group through moments of doubt, disagreement or panic. We transmit confidence in the processes we use and in the group’s ability to face challenges and make good decisions.

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