Learning Events

Learning Events

An active learning solution for larger teams or working communities

If you are a manager of a large team or community then a Live Learning event will provide you with the engaging, challenging and creative solution that you and your business is looking for.

A Live Learning event will ensure that your development objectives are met and remembered with the help of expert dynamic facilitation and a range of creative approaches that focus on 'learning through doing'.

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Who would benefit from a learning event?

  • Teams that are connected to the same objective and need to improve their way of working
  • Communities that share a common challenge
  • Teams looking to improve team spirit, cohesion and collaboration
  • Small companies looking to align, share goals and behaviours
  • Extended or transnational teams wanting to create a sense of community

What will we do?

We have a range of projects that last between 0.5-2 days and can also create a made to measure event for your specific learning requirements. Depending on the project your event will typically focus on creative problem solving, project effectiveness, leadership, team management and time management.

Events are always high on energy, team involvement and stimulation. In collaboration with you we will design and deliver an event that meets your people, your objectives and your budget.

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