Training Solutions

Made to measure programmes for your training needs.

A customised approach to training allows companies to explore their learning requirements and goals with our highly experienced team and create the right approach, design and impact. We can work with you to design and deliver the specific training solution for your specific needs. After assessing your company or team’s development needs we will design appropriate solutions that will connect the hearts and minds. If you prefer, we can work hand in hand with you throughout the process for tailored support and alignment.

Your training will be delivered either on-site or in a neutral environment at a time that suits you. A training solution can be a single course, a team specific programme or an organisational wide initiative.

Flexibility in Delivery

We can also adapt your training solution to incorporate e-learning, distance learning options as well as introducing facilitation in workshops and coaching to ensure the learning is sustained.

We will support you after the training to evaluate the feedback in order to ensure your initial goals have been met and discuss potential next steps.


‘’By far the most enjoyaable learning experience to date. They are always a pleasure to partner with and bring infectious enthusiasm and real skill to our important events. They make the whole journey so easy, engaging & enjoyable’’.

Head of communication 

Core Programmes

Core programmes provide the backbone of our training catalogue and offers clients a straightforward and proven solution. We also provide expert training and group coaching in effective communication, powerful presentation skills, team dynamics, design thinking and a whole lot more .


Ignite is an ICF approved coach training course that can be used as a foundation in Leadership Coaching.

Dynamic business skills to kick‐start effective leadership.

This 2-day workshop supports people who are stepping into supervisory, management or leadership roles to use coaching skills as a tool for effective conversations. This coaching style of leadership makes one‐to‐one, performance conversations and team building more effective.

Ignite provides a systematic grounding in the core skills, tools and principles of leadership coaching. The rigour of the programme, combined with the emphasis on leadership, prepares participants to work with people from any level of an organisation—from the shop floor to the board room.

A coaching style enables participants to:

  • Improve one‐to‐one and performance reviews
  • Enhance business performance
  • Support people through change
  • Align the team with the business strategy
  • Achieve challenging targets
  • Focus on success


All of these professional conversations benefit from coaching skills – just as being able to influence others can draw on these tools. We encourage people to innovate and take responsibility, tailoring programmes to business leadership and values frameworks.

Ignite gives students a foundation in Leadership Coaching and is approved by the International Coach Federation as Coach Education Units (CCE) program ; this program is being offered on behalf of by The Forton Group who hold the official approval in partnership with Live Learning. It is also the first module of an ICF accredited coach training programme (ACTP) in Leadership Coaching

By the end of the Ignite course, participants will be able to use coaching skills and principles:

  1. To develop as a leader
  2. To hold effective conversations with peers, colleagues and team members
  3. To coach and be coached


To shine - definition: to excel or perform very well; the bright quality that something has when light is reflected on it.

The shine programme is a two-day course designed for professionals to learn the essential skills required for enabling success in teams and becoming a memorable manager. At the heart of this course is leaning how to inspire others through coaching for engagement and performance.

Who is this programme for?

Experienced managers that want to:

  • Develop their leadership skills further
  • Explore new ways of motivating
  • Inspire others to achieve more
  • Improve working culture
  • Develop their teams
  • Reduce conflict
  • Communicate effectively
  • Understand the benefits of having a repertoire of leadership styles


  • The art of the coaching conversation – principles, skills and steps
  • Using trust effectively for teamwork
  • Knowing when to coach, mentor and when to direct
  • The shift required from manager to leader
  • Using emotional intelligence in teamwork
  • Interactive learning through 'real play' activities
  • Plenty of practice, feedback and support

Duration: 2 or 3 day format possible


"Very inspiring. It opened new doors, helped me focus and gave me new confidence in myself and my processes of thinking

Georgious Stergiou CEO & Board member GRP America, Mexico

Foundations of Leadership and Teamwork

The Foundations 3-day programme equips people that are new to management positions and creates an appetite for self-development as well as providing clear and simple tools to try out back in the workplace. It provides the necessary reflection and generates motivation in participants to take their first steps into a leadership position.

Who is this programme for?

People new to management or that have been identified to take a leadership position in the future.


  • Self-awareness exercises
  • Working with values, triggers and gremlins
  • Understanding and working with others – MBTI and beyond
  • Assessing individual strengths, gaps and leadership contributions
  • The leader behind the leader and critical leader relationships
  • Demystifying leadership and key theories
  • Experimenting with Leadership postures – based on Daniel Goleman research
  • The fundamentals of trust, congruency and communication
  • The coaching conversation using the GROW model for performance conversations
  • The stages of team development towards entrainment
  • Personal development planning

Duration: 3 days


"It’s relevance and your method of teaching made me excited to learn for the first time since kindergarten. Thank you!"

"Great variety, which kept the class interesting. I liked how many perspectives you brought in, which allowed for active learning"

"I found this very interesting. It forced me to think about my qualities, defaults and about what kind of leader I want to become. You can really feel that the trainer loves what he’s doing"

Executive MBA / Masters Business students

Advanced Leadership

The goal of any leadership development programme is to change behavior. After a successful programme, participants should show up differently, saying and doing things in new ways that produce better results.

What makes leadership hard isn’t the theoretical, it’s the practical. It’s not about knowing what to say or do. It’s about whether you’re willing to experience the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty of saying or doing it. In other words, the critical challenge of leadership is, mostly, the challenge of emotional courage. We believe an advanced programme needs to be tailored to the culture, challenges and particularities of an organization.

Live Learning has designed and delivered advanced leadership development programmes that range from 3-day courses to multi-module 18 month transformational journeys for up to 500 executives. Our highly experienced team of consultants have worked on impactful programmes for global clients including Airbus, BMW, American Express and Adidas. Leadership is the art of inspiring others to dream more, become more, learn more and do more.

A tailored advance programme may typically include some of the following content.

  • Strengthen businnes skills and mindset
  • Provide a unique self-development journey by developing self-confidence, resilience and agility
  • Push boundaries, experiment and broaden perspectives
  • Enhance authentic leadership qualities, strengths and potential patters and traps

Get in touch to discuss your next steps in Advanced Leadership Development.

"Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with that there is"
Ernest Hemmingway.


"You will never know the impact you have made"

Executive, France

"A truly inspirational coach who has offered me one of my most powerful learning experiences to date. Thank you, you really have made a difference"

Business Owner, UK

The Art of Feedback

Objective. To develop employees in order to boost employee engagement and the company journey. To demonstrate confidence and consistency when giving constructive feedback whilst managing performance issues.

The course allows individuals to assess personal performance against company values & behaviours, practice engaging others, acknowledging and listening to team members as well as developing a checklist/action plan to deliver effective appraisals. Annual reviews and appraisals are now a legal obligation in the majority of countries and for many employees it represents the only opportunity for feedback on job performance.

Praise and commendation from managers was rated the top motivator for performance, beating out other noncash and financial incentives, by a majority of workers (67%) (Mckinsey Motivating People, Getting beyond Money)

Who is this programme for?

All managers and HR professionals


  • Feedback golden rules
  • Practicing powerful performance reviews
  • From compliment to acknowledgement
  • Assumptions and understanding others better
  • Types of feedback
  • Understanding Skill/Will matrix to identify how best to communicate
  • Live learning practice

Duration : 1 day


"The practice sessions and simple tools you shared with us will be really helpful back in the workplace"

"My favourite part was the work we did on assumptions and the ladder of inference. It has really opened my eyes"

Store managers from a global fashion brand

Emotional Intelligence

Objective: To know your emotions and increase your ability as a leader to manage them. Recognise emotions in others and take them into account. Help mangers to take benefit from greater personal awareness, step back and be able to influence others with integrity.

Who is this programme for?

All managers


  • Self-awareness assessment
  • Understanding the four quadrant EQ model
  • Learn how to outsmart your brain
  • Identifying data to make us stronger
  • The inner critic and controlling your negative impulses
  • Understanding how emotions work and nuances of emotion
  • Tools for self-management
  • States of excellence for getting into the right mood for negotiations, meetings etc.
  • Values and how they impact behaviour

Duration : 2 days


"I now have a greater understanding of who I am and how to manage myself under pressure"

"I never realised I could outsmart by brain! A really enjoyable programme and one of my richest development experiences to date"

International Business leaders - Executive MBA development programme

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