Dr. Dennis Brodbeck - Associate Consultant


Dennis has a Master degree in Psychology and started his career as an assistant professor at The University of Hamburg. During his doctorate he discovered his passion for experiential learning as an outdoor trainer, event facilitator and coach.

Subsequently, he then became certified as a management trainer, change manager, business coach, and in facilitating the “Leading at the Speed of Trust” programme of Stephen M.R. Covey. He also is a safety trainer for high ropes parcours.

Recently he has become specialised in Systemic Management Consulting.

Dennis has been a consultant since 1999 and worked with many global companies including ADM, Airbus, BMW, Bosch, Cargill, Daimler-Benz, Deutsche Telekom, Dr. Oetker, Pfizer, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, Vodafone as well as a variety of smaller firms.

Dennis has a passion for martial arts and has studied Aikido (a Japanese non-violent Martial Art) for over twenty years and today holds a black belt. He also shared his passion for several years a teacher of Aikido in his own dojo. Dennis has travelled intensively in Brazil, South-America an Eastern-Europe but is currently based in Hamburg, Germany.


As business trainer and executive coach Dennis is committed to bringing forward effective leadership, collaboration and organisational development.

From his perspective, extraordinary profits and increased productivity depend on the investment in the so called ‘soft factors’ such as trust, self motivation, engagement, and a good corporate culture. Working on these factors is his mission and synergizing is his goal.

Dennis loves:


English and German, French, Brazilian Portuguese and has basic skills in Spanish and Czech.

Client Feedback

"His coaching has helped me discover more of my passion and potential. Without his inspiring company, I wouldn’t have made the steps I have and probably not be a successful CEO today."

Jörg Huesmann, Optimal Systems Hannover GmbH