Howard O'Donnell


Howard is a leadership development expert with a successful track record in designing and delivering memorable leadership development programmes for organisations that are looking to develop their leaders, team dynamics and performance. He focuses on supporting professionals in complex, transnational cultures and has coached and trained leaders from middle management to C-Suite board level as well as coaching 200+ top teams, giving key note speeches and creating corporate learning events in Europe, Asia and the US. He has worked for several training organisations in the past and is a qualified trainer, ICF coach and Master facilitator.

Howard's professional background includes being a successful entrepreneur as well as working in the music, talent  development and entertainment industries.


He is known for his ability to build rapport, energy, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and passion to create successful results for his clients. He works collaboratively and offers a safe yet challenging place where individuals can explore, create and define their objectives. He thrives on fostering authentic leadership and creating as many ‘lightbulb moments’ as possible. His team interventions are always high on energy, participation, and impact.


Howard is currently based in France and works internationally in both French and English, his native tongue. Howard has developed many intercultural negotiations, led cross-cultural events and is an expert in designing and delivering memorable workshops and events.

Client Feedback

"I have had the privilege of seeing Howard in action and I must admit you rarely come across someone who makes it look that natural yet creating impressive results in line with the individual's aspirational vision and goals."

"Howard is a fabulous individual who has many special qualities that he brings to his coaching and his passion and enthusiasm is second to none. His demeanour is one full of warmth and fun and he really manages to bring out the best in people. The world needs more people like Howard!"

"A caring magician of people and teams' emotions and energies ! You are my first choice for anyone who wants to foster trust and enjoyment in their team".