Renee Lespinard - Coach & Consultant


Renee is a leadership development expert and designs and delivers programs for organizations that seek to go further or change the way their leaders operate in order to develop more collective intelligence both within and outside of the organization, which allows a greater and more sustainable impact.

She provides support to leaders, managers and experts working in multicultural, multifunctional environments. She works with line, middle to top level management as well as coaching “high potentials”, senior managers and executive teams, delivering seminars and also individual coaching programs to people in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and the US.

She is a qualified coach, facilitator and trainer and presently lives in France. Before working as a Coach, Renee spent 15 years as manager in diverse international and multicultural environments in the USA, Asia and Europe.


Renee’s belief is that if there is a will there is a way. Her individual coaching, facilitation and training has one main goal in mind ; enable the participant or participants to not only achieve their goals but better understand themselves, their way of functioning, which enable them to open up to others and build relationships that makes sense, feel good and are beneficial to all parties.

She is known for her energy, ability to allow others to open up, creativity, and drive to support and challenge the participants in their journey towards self-discovery in order to reach their set objectives by changing habits that are not enhancing the growth they desire. She provides an environment that facilitates the emergence of deep reflection allowing the participants to reconnect to their feelings, and provides the security and freedom needed to enable testing by doing things differently to reach their set individual and organizational goals.


Renee works internationally in both French and English, her native tongue.

Client Feedback

"Renee has enabled me to become better focused; this has helped me to save time and energy. I have more inner strength. I’ve become more resilient and can handle more difficulty. Other people say I look serene, calm, more composed and relaxed, at the same time… this is one of the most difficult periods of my life."

Cornelia. T. HR Manager (responsible for 5 HR Managers – Industry)

"I have learned to give more energy to my team and am starting to open up to new ways of working and looking at things. I have been speaking up more, giving speeches, connecting with others. I have made noticeable behavioral changes and see that my team has changed the way they work with me."

Achim V. A. Vice President - Industry

"This leadership program has inspired me to simplify the new organization… to be creative especially now as we are realizing that we need more innovation in the group… we need new ways of working and this requires brainstorming and testing to find other ways of doing things"

José L. N. V. President - Industry